Where Can I Find Mini Dachshund Puppies In Southwest Michigan?


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I lived in South Central Michigan and found the most amazing adorable Long Haired Blonde Miniature Dachshund Here
It's a ways to travel but she has a one year health warranty and was well worth it.She is the sweetest,most well behaved,obedient,and thinks she is a guard Dog.She has a Non Dachshcund sister at home and they are best friends and the both get along well with children and other petsShe happened to be born on this Last december 11th which was the same day my Mother passed awy.She will also ship the dog if desired,But I was in such a hurry a took the long drive there and had a nice long bonding experience on the way home,She never once cried at nite for her family and you could never ask for a better dog.She has different price ranges depending if you want AKC Breeding Rights or justt a great pet.If you call her to her Rick Sebring Sent you to her and got destiny from here this past February and she was born on the day his Mom Passed away she will remember me8th.Another thing is she keeps you up to date weekly with photos and current weight just as if you were there.I would never recommend another breeder if your looking  for a very rare Long Haired Mini Dachshund with the best possible pricing you can find.Good luck and you will not be disappointed if you go a little farther away rhen planned.There great breeders and not a puppy factory.You won't be disappointed.And pricing id very competitive if no ta little better.Good luck with your future family mamber,Nothing could replace my Mother when I lost her on December 11th 2010 but I think part of her is in Destiny the dachshund we got that was born the day Mom passed away.
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