Where Do Black Panthers Live?


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The rare Black Panther, a powerful, intelligent and fearless animal, is not actually a distinct, separate species. One of the most feared and aggressive animals on the planet, it can be any large cat with a black coat.

There are three classification variances of Black Panthers, based on geographical, cultural and historical differnces in the origins of the name.

These variations are:

The definition most commonly in use refers to the only types of cats scientifically recognised as being legitimate Black Panthers, namely the Black Jaguar and the Black Leopard.

The strict, or purist, definition of Black Panther refers to the Black Leopard, a species which is a melanistic variation of the usually spotted leopard.

In the crypto-zoological view, the definition may refer to any large cat having a black coat. This can include anything from Pumas, Cougars and Tigers to Lynx, Bobcats and Jaguarundi.

Habitats can range from marsh and woodlands to rainforests, savannahs and swamps, even deserts and mountains.

This variety is largely due to the fact that they eat anything from various mammals to birds and reptiles, all of which tend to favour different habitats.

Black Leopards and Jaguars are mainly found in dense areas of rainforest, where their black coat provides good camouflage.

Black Leopards mostly inhabit the dense and hot tropical rainforests of southern and southeastern Asia, in particular in south-west China, Nepal, Burma, southern India, southern Malaysia and Java.

Sightings, though much rarer, have occasionally also been reported in the Aberdares and forest areas of Mount Kenya in Africa and the rocky, dry regions of Ethiopia.

Black Jaguars inhabit much of central and southern America and parts of Mexico. Although mostly found in the dense Amazon Basin rainforests, they appear equally at home high up in Peruvian and Bolivian mountains and the Mexican desert.
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They can live anywhere but they are mostly in the farther regions of Asia, South America, and Africa. They have been spotted in area's such as Oklahoma and Missouri.
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I know they are in Lebanon Missouri and the Springfield area because I have seen them with my own eyes. A giant black cat with bright yellow eyes that sounds like a mountain lion when it roars. Whew they send shivers up my spine. And I love animals. But at night these cats will sneak up on you either that or they don't know you're there and you scare them to.
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Amazon forest
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Black panthers live in south america I promise I sould know they are my second favorite animal
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i ❤ love Black Panthers! They are beautiful creatures!

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They live in rainforests and in the wilderness but are getting captured and brought to zoos
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Black panthers are endangered animals and are only found in some parts of the world.They live in dense rainforests.
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Panthers are really just black leopards. They can live in africa. Sometimrs jaguars are born with no spots and are mistaken for panthers but if you look really close you can seethere spots through the black. These live in central and south america.
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Black Panthers are actually either black (melanistic) jaguars or black leopards. Jaguars are live in S. America and leopards live in Africa.
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First you should google it if you can't find anything.The maps are usally found in  books about should also look in jungle books.

Hope you find it!

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