What are the optimum conditions for betta fish?


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Never put them with other betas! They will fight to the death. I have had 2 betas recently. In fact, one just died a few days ago. It lived over 4 years. They like small bowls, they don't need much room at all. They make special beta tanks you can buy when you get one. My sister had one live in a large brandy glass for years. They don't like any type of decorations, just a layer of fish rocks at the bottom. Change out the water when it starts to get dirty but never do a full water change because the temperature and new water may upset the balance. Only change 30-50% of the water at a time and make sure the temp of the new water is as close to the water they are in already. Plus they don't need much for food. Just a few flakes a day. They are very easy to take care of and beautiful!

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Ah, i am so sorry for your fish i hope the other one lives longer. I have surprised actually because i thought they needed large spaces. And i was concerning that mine lost his appetite these days. If few flakes are normal, then he's fine!

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