Is It Ok For Dogs To Take Ivermax?


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Ivermax contains Ivermectin that is a insecticide and can be used to treat worm infestation in dogs. But  before its use in your dog, get advice from your vet because this drug can have toxic reactions in dogs that can be fatal if given without consulting a vet. Whenever, a drug is used under the supervision of a vet, side effects are minimum or manageable. Ivermax is available for use in cattle and horses also. Heartworm infestation in dogs can be manged by this medicine but its oral dose, topical application and duration of treatment should be decided by the vet. So, get advice from your local vet.
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Well, Ivermectin is the main ingredient in Heartguard! That is what your vet. Will recommend for your pet to protect against heartworms. However, if you are buying this online or at your local feed depot, be 100% sure that you know the dosage to weight ratio before administering to your pet. Call your local vet. Or a few of them and ask!
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We give Ivermax to our pitbull once a month to control his skin allergies. Its a very small dose, but he has not has any side effects from it.

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