How Many Wild Animals Are Killed Each Year?


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To give an exact figure for this question will not be possible because millions of wild animals are killed but they are not reported. I was going through a report of OCPA, which says that more than 100 MILLION wild animals are killed by hunting each year. This figure does not include animals which are not reported. Some of these animals include raccoons, rabbits, waterfowl, doves etc. According to Zimbabwe report, 42236 wild animals including lion, elephant, python which were listed in the farms are no longer there in Zimbabwe after one year. This shows that to give an exact estimation is impossible but a rough estimate shows that 100 million wild animals are killed each year.


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Animals are killed for the shake of human beings however we are huttinganimals for silly reason people kill animals for food choltes etc
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A great example of the slow but sure decline in animals is the indochinese tiger there is an estimite of 20 left in the wild.

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