How Do You Teach Your Horse To Sit?


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You need to give them a reason to obey your command like a carrot,
but first you pick up there hoof like you would going to pick it , then lean on lean they should spread out their back-legs then lightly pull the horses leg back keep leaning on them and them give them a cue
(down boy e.g.) then the horse should plonk itself down, then get them to start to stand but hold them down with the lead and give them woah or steady there, and get them to stay there do this a couple of times rewarding them with a treat every time they do as you ask them the command do each step a little everyday so you don't overstress the horses brain, and make sure you us a certain vocal pitch and tone clearly.
And thats it.
I used this method my horse this method and it worked so good luck with your horse and its training!!
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A horse can't sit? LMAO! Even cows can sit.. How do you think they get back up their feet when they rolled around? They sit, and then get up, and my horse sits in his paddock also at times...
Anyways, don't listen to such fools lmao...
Horses can only do simple tricks, shake heads, bow and stuff? X'D
that's the funniest comment ever!
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Sorry but we are trying to teach our horse to sit but nothing happened yet we have taught it to shake hands but we can't get it to sit
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Nono this is all wrong you need to do steps and here they r

1)get trust in your horse like groom it kiss it hug it and all that so get the trust
2)make him obey you like make him follow you with lead and with out lead rope
3) hey pesto just push on the bum and tip tap to

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