What Is A POA Horse?


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Toodles Chi-WaWa Profile
     A POA is actually a pony. It is short for "Pony of the Americas". It started as a Appaloosa/Arabian/Shetland cross, but eventually other breeds such as the Mustang and Welsh were added when breeders tried to achieve that "little horse" look. POAs were bred for children, but adults could show them in hand. They are known to be stubborn, but they are gentle as can be when trained right (and they are smart, which makes training easy).

The POA's Story:
     In 1954, a man named Les Boomhower was offered an Araloosa (Arab/Appy) mare, accidentally bred with Shetland stallion. Les decided to wait until the foal was born before he bought the mare and foal.
     Soon the colt was born, and Les was intrigued by his markings. He was "white (gray)" with black markings all over his body. But what Les liked the most was a marking on his flank that was shaped like a hand. Les bought the mare and foal, and named the colt "Black Hand", the very first POA.

*The picture is of a Breyer model of Black Hand.*

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