How Do You Identify Good Horse Brasses?


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Arjun Mitra answered
This is a very tough question as everyone one has a different choice and opinion when it comes to picking up a horse brass. It is a collector's item and hence most of them are skilfully made. When you go out to pick up one for yourself, see which one suits your taste the best. Don't go for ones that are antiques because brass doesn't have any antiquity as it just becomes ugly and loses its colour when it becomes old.

While picking one up go through different characteristics of it like the shine, the detail, the size and the craftsmanship. Don't just go in for something expensive because usually things that are expensive are good. But don't go for something very cheap even as others won't be pleased to see it. Go ahead and make your choice. So what if nobody else likes it; in the end the most important thing is whether you are happy with it.

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