What Are Signs Of Cat In Labor?


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There are few indications that cat is in labor or labor is going to start within short period of time. These signs can be
  1. Licking of genitalia
  2. Restlessness and pacing
  3. Nesting behavior
  4. Breast enlargement
  5. Milk production
  6. Changes in behavior
  7. Reduction in temperature below 99 oF
By observing these signs you can expect delivery of kittens very soon.
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My cat is an outside cat but I want to bring her inside before she has her kittens  how do I know when to bring her in?  She has had one litter before and we never found them and she never brought them out I think something might have gotten them.  I don't want this to happen to these.
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My cat is pregnant right now too and she is an outdoor cat. I don't know about your cat, but mine stays pretty close to home. Cats are usually pregnant for about nine weeks, so I would keep track of her gestation and the closer it gets to her delivery, the more you should just keep her inside. If she tries to run out the door whenever you open it, I recommend using a spray bottle full of water to spray her. Make sure you have a dark, soft place for her to nest set up, it'll help her feel comfy.
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Meowing strangely milk coming out of nipples or keep on going into place like by itself like a closet
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Pregnancy in cats can be of 63 days. She can show some signs of labor before delivery of kittens. Usually these signs start at the end of gestation. Most common signs of labor in cats are

1. Reduction in temperature below 99 oF
2. Licking of genitalia
3. Restlessness and pacing
4. Nesting behavior
5. Frequent visits to nest
6. Breast enlargement
7. Milk production
8. Changes in behavior
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I have a 10th mth old ragdoll. Sadly caught by a tom.She is very heavy pregnant. I have had her to the vets twice now as really worried about her.I can feel slight movement of the kittens approx 3/4.She has had greenish puss coming from her vagina over a period of 2 wks.The vet has given her antibiotics injection.she seems to be pregnant for at least 10+ wks with my calculations.Any advise would be really appreciated.marie.

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