I Raise Mini Dachshund's I Just Had A Puppy That Is A Bobtail. How Do Think This Happened? Have You Ever Seen One? She's So Cute I Named Her Bobbie Sue.


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I don't know much about mini-dashunds, but I would imagine that breeders are selecting for dogs with shorter and shorter tails, anyway. Eventually, the genes for short tail may have simply combined to come up with a dog that hardly had any tail at all.

Having browsed the Internet I've found some references to slightly docking daschund tails, which correlates with my theory.

That said, only you can judge if you were unknowningly selecting for this trait when you bred the current animal. You might be more interested in learning how single-trait breeding of animals can sometimes throw up very undesirable traits. You can read more about this danger in the fantastic Animals in Translation book by Temple Grandin.

The other possility is purely on the basis of random genetics or growth problem in the womb. This dog just may have a one-off abnormality. I'm glad to hear that you have taken to this puppy and I hope you can find her a good home with her odd appendage.
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I have a brindle dachshund or so she was sold to me as such. She looks like a dachshund and then again she is smaller in the chest, thus making her legs look longer when actually they are the same length as my other dachshunds. Also her ears are the same shape, a wee shorter in length by 1 inch. She has that prominent chest bone but her chest measures 14 1/2 inches whereas my two other dachshunds measure from 16-18 inches in the chest. The other two weighed 11 lbs or less at one year of age. The one in question just turned a year and weighs 8 lbs.
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I have a good friend who breeds dachshunds. She tells me that there is no reason for breeders to be trying to produce short tails, nor for docking them - which is illegal in much of the world now anyway. She reckons that your pup is a one-off abnormality. Good luck to her and you.

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