Yorkie , All Of A Sudden Won't Sleep, Can't Sit Still For More Than A Minute. Can You Help?


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Yorkie's are known to have a lot of energy, it's possible your dog has just had a rush of that. Dogs can sleep in short naps, and since we don't count naps as sleep, you're probably not noticing that the dog has slept properly.

It could also be that something is irritating here. Maybe there's a mouse or something in the house, or a smell that is different and is worrying the dog. You could also try and putting the dog in a quiet room to see if that calms it down, sometimes being around people can excite dogs too much.

It's also possible that there's something that the dog ingested that is making it more active. Make sure you did not give it any sugar or caffeine, and if this does not stop in 24 hours, take the dog to a local vet.

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