I Have The Same Problem My Yorkie Won't Sleep And Sit Still For More Than 30 Sec. What Is It?


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It's possible it has an ear infection that is making it irritated and unable to sleep. Check for this by looking into it's ear canal to see if it is clean. If there are any strange smells or discharges, then there is an ear infection that is making the dog like this.

It is also possible your dog is just excited and has a lot of energy. You can check this by taking it for a long run/walk and making it play a lot around the house. If at night, the dog is able to sleep, or is resting, it is simply an over-energetic dog and will need lots of stimulation to get tired. Consider buying more toys and giving it more exercise. Also, every time it gets too excited, you can put it in an isolated room till it calms down.

Finally, this could signal pain in another part of the body other than the ear, and the dog is trying to tell you something. If nothing works in the next 48 hours, take it to your vet.

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