How Many Elephants Are Killed Each Year?


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Probably at least 5000, globally.

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that over 4000 are poached in Africa, only for their ivory. Elephants in other parts of the world are at much less risk because only the African elephants grow such big tusks.

100-200 people in India are killed each year by dangerous elephants, and hundreds more injured. It's reasonable to suppose that at least one dangerous elephant (usually a domesticated animal) is killed for each person who died. Plus some wild elephants become crop pests. It's estimated that about 150 elephants are killed in Sri Lanka alone, each year, because they are dangerous to people (about 100 animals) or raiding crops (about 50 elephants). Estimates of Indian elephants killed each year as a result of illegal or accidental causes is about 200.

About 30 Sumatran elephants are killed each year in various ways, with estimates for other parts of Indonesia and Malaysia being harder to obtain.

Elephants are also culled in some parts of Africa, to keep herd sizes manageable and contained within reserves. The number culled annually, as part of deliberate policy varies from year to year, but is probably in excess of 500 per annum.

And some elephants in captivity are killed if they become dangerous (or even terminally ill).

The total number of elephants in the world (in the wild and captivity) numbers in the hundreds of thousands.
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There is no approximate figure given as to how many elephants are killed every year. It is only stated at places that approximately 1000 elephants are killed every year fro their ivory or even food. Or sometimes they are even been killed for the reason that they coz harm to human beings around them. The statistical result of African elephants is dropping every year. Even in Kruger National Park approximately 1000 elephants are gunshot every year. On regular basis, 100-150 elephants die every year in Sri Lanka due to powerful human-elephant disagreement. Also on a standard of 30 to 40 wild elephants are killed every year.
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