How Many People Die Of Snake Bites In A Year?


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There are no published statistics that show how many people die per year from snake bites across the world. The number for the USA is very low and there are not many people that die as a direct result of a snake bite.

  • Averages
In the USA there are on average five to ten people that die from snake bites each year. Considering how large the population is, this is a very low number and you are so much more likely to be in a road traffic accident than you are to be fatally bitten by a snake.

  • Snake habitats
There are also prime areas for snakes. These are in the south of the USA, parts of South America, Central Africa and Australia. These places are known to be prime snake territory. This is because they are hot and humid places of the planet with lots of growth for the snakes to hide away from danger. There is also lots of food for then such as rats, mice and small birds for them to eat.

  • How to avoid a snake bite
Stay away from any wild snakes that you can not identify. If you know that it is a common grass snake, go near it all you like, just make sure that you know what kind of snake it is before touching it or going too close.

If you are near a snake, do not harm or startle it. It may be a natural reaction for you to try to stand on the snake or make loud noises but this will only encourage it to bite. Snakes bite when they are alarmed or in fear themselves so try to make sure that you do not frighten the snake.

Do not go walking in areas that you have been warned that there are lethal snakes.

Visit a doctor or A&E department as soon as you can after a snake bite.
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Cobras, vipers, black mambas and other venomous snakes take between 20,000 and 94,000 lives each year, and bite another 421,000 to 1,841,000 people.

On average 57,010 people die from snake attacks each year.
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