How Do You Kill Parvo In Your House And Yard If You Can?


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I am sorry to say that 'bleech alone will not work.What is needed in the homehouse is a 'soapy' solution to kill the germsvirus, then cleanup with bleech, then double clean with clean water.
for helpful hints. It was a lot of reading, but worth it.
The part about 'control burning' is a very good idea, but you must tell the fire department before doing so.
You cannot use the same mop, brush, etc for another room after using in another room.
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You need a lot of bleach I had a dog that died of it years ago he wasn't old enough for shots yet but a neighbor 2 houses over had it and I didn't know it was airborne.I had to bleach the yard and everything in house.I used 3 gallons in yard alone and 1 inside.We caught it early and the vet tried to save him but its a bad disease
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With bleach and water
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Bleach is good, and you can mix it up into a sprayer for the yard. In some areas if you can do a controlled fire it will kill it and the grass will grow back.
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How long should I wait to get another puppy. And how to get the parvo out of house and yard
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With no cleaning parvo lives in your house up to 2 years (after 2 months it fades)
with no cleaning parvo lives in your yard up to 7 years  (after 6 months it fades)

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