My New Hamster's Butt Looks Like It's Swollen But It Wasn't That Way Yesterday, What Do I Do?


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If you aren't too sure what you are looking at, it could just be his testicles you are seeing and not exactly his butt. They are sometimes more swollen from one day to the next, so if they look bigger than normal, it's nothing to worry about. He is probably just producing too much sperm and needs to mate. My hamster's testicles swell up sometimes but they usually go back to normal after a day or two, and he's perfectly healthy; I've had him for 2 and a half years.
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The exact thing happened to mine. We had to put him down because the swollen thing hanging out of his butt were his intestines. Mine was new too. I got him eleven days ago. I recommend you take him to a vet immediately! And is he shaking, are his eyes open and what kind is he?
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It seems like thats not normal. Are you doing something to that animals bum? You should take it to a VET.
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I was told that my hamster was a girl is it normal for them to have a swollen bum or is it more than likely that its a boy?
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Is It Male? If So... ITS NOT HIS BUM!!!! Lol I Just Bought My Male Hamster A Week Ago And I Didnt Understnd Why He Had A Big Bum, But Then I Found Out Its His 'Personal Parts'
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My male hamster has a swollen back end also but he doesn't seem in any pain and he is very active,still eating, drinking he has been like this since I bought him and he is now over a year old! So if your hamster is doing everything else normally then I'm sure its all fine!
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Yeah. My male hamster had a swollen butt and I got worried, turns out it was his balls. Sorry mate. If youre that worried take him to the vet, but if the "swollenness" stays there then its his balls. If hes new then you wont have noticed them cus they don't "come out" till hes settled.
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To any and all who have pets that are sick, injured or you are seeing something indifferent....Please, just bring them to a vet. Who knows what is going on with them or how much pain they might be in. If you wouldn't allow your yourself to go on for days with all kinds of symptoms, why allow an innocent animal to go through it? They feel pain just as much as you or I. I know, vets can be costly. But when you choose to bring an animal into your home, it is your responsibility to care for it properly. Otherwise, before bringing the animal home, you have to decide whether or not you are willing to care for it properly and yes...spend the money on it if and when something happens. Remember, they can't verbally express exactly how much pain they are in.

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