What Is Safe And Effective For Getting Rid Of Spiders Inside And Outside For Good?


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I would suggest a pest control professional. Looks to me like 'brown recluse' spiders have a nest somewhere beneath or in your home. The yellowish purple swelling which would have like a ring around it, like a dark purple or blue ring, if it was on your arm or something. There usually are 2 distinctive holes, like fang marks, in the middle of the swelling. These spiders can be deadly! An infestation like that needs a professional. Yes in this case I would suggest spraying the yard also. These brown recluse and the black widow are the only truly deadly poisonous spiders native to most the U.S.A. Not all people have severe reactions to them, but if you have developed hives, that means a heightened sensitivity to them. If you have Children, i definitely would advise you let a professional take care of this problem. This year I have heard of a lot of brown recluse infestations. These spiders can be deadly, so please get yourself a professional, and soon! They are not very big but here is a picture.
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That was very good info. but, did not answer my question on how to get rid of them. I can not afford professional. Thanks for your time and answer!
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You can use cayenne pepper,put a small amount where you see them congregating even outside as long as it is not on the ground not that it would harm anything but dampness, put it all around your baseboards in your basement even your porch hope this helps.....peace 
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WOW.... this sounds very effective and I will try this! I believe I did read this some place long time ago... you have just jogged my memory... amazing but, I do remember now!
Thank-you very much. I think this will also keep away just about every bbug there is even snakes if, I am remembering this right! Your the Bomb ... thanks again!
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You are quite welcome Pal Good Luck
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i have heard laying hedge apples around keeps them away

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