How Do You Tell If A Bullfrog Is A Boy/girl ?


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Sarah Klimko answered
Sexing bullfrogs is pretty easy (which makes it kind of fun!). In a male the tympanic membrane (or in layman's terms, the spot that is where an ear should be) will be much larger than the eye. In females it will be close to the same size as the eye. Hope you enjoy!
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I think that you would do best to call a pet shop or a vet. Unless you go to the library to find a book or two on them, hope this helps, good luck to you.
Anastasia (nickname: Anya) Profile
If you hold one behind his front legs, if its a male, he will croak, as if hes saying
"go away, stupid, I am only another male , you can't mate with me"
if its a female, it will do nothing

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