How Do You Tell If A Baby Pheasant Is A Boy Or A Girl?


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Once a pheasant chick reaches the age of three months, it is much easier to sex. Until this point, this can be very difficult without expert help.

As the chick starts to develop, the male will have longer tail feathers and a white ring around his neck. He will also be brightly-coloured.  Female pheasants are dull in colour, and have much shorter tail feathers.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Male and Female Pheasant
Juvenile pheasants all have the appearance of a female, until the age of ten weeks - when males start to develop their recognisable bright feathers.

Male pheasants are elaborately coloured to attract females during the mating season, during which males mate with more than one female. 

A female pheasant has more subdued colouring than a male, which is to camouflage her from predators while she is protecting her brood.
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Well, most birds are recognized by their physical characteristics and features. If you look at a pheasant bird carefully, you will find that there will be a special round dark circle on their necks in the female pheasant and there will be no symbol in boy pheasant.

The main characteristic is that male pheasants have larger tails compared to female pheasants. So this is how you can identify them.
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Send a blood sample to a lab. That should get it done.
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Go to the doctor......

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