Dog Won't Stop Itching! What Can I Do To Help?


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You need to find out why the dog itches.  My one dog got the same problem and then we took her to the Vet.  He did tests and find out that she was allergic to all the (as he put it tidbits). He was so cross with us because he said that it was all the food we gave her from the table.  Some dogs are verry allergic to all kinds of things and other dogs not.  We took her of all the other things we use to give her and now she only eat dogfood that we buy from the Vet.  Its very expensive but I must say it does work.  Shes not itching as much as she use to and be careful of the shampoo you wash her in.  Some of the shampoos are to strong for a dogs skin and that also makes them itch.  Get a dog shampoo for sensitive skin.  I also give her a tablespoon full of fish oil every day because her skin is very dry.    
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Dr's. Foster & Smith (google) have a wonderful oil supplement. My dog has not itched, since he was a puppy! Also, are you feeding her a high quality diet? Wellness brand stopped my son's dog from itching.
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My dog has very dry skin when I comb her her skin just flakes off of her! What can I use before the heat of the summer comes!
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Usually the best thing to do is try and correct the underlying cause as that's a symptom. Your vet may prescribe something while in the process but it's best not to do anything like that long term unless you have to. It could be fleas, mange, allergy's (typically to food) or even something like a thyroid problem or some other things. Find out the problem and then discuss treatment and what can be done while the correction or treatment is happening to help ease your pup's discomfort.
I would absolutely check your food on the analysis site and see what the rating is and why and if not 5 or 6 (or four if necessary) consider a slow switch to one that is. That usually has good results all the way around no matter what else is happening and you will see results in 3 to 4 weeks usually. You can also ask your groomer to use an all natural (not like the kinds at grocery stores or anything) oatmeal shampoo (no perfumes or anything) and also a good idea to make sure they don't use cage dryers. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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