My Bunny Hasn't Pooped For 6 Days. What Do I Do To Help Him?


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It is highly recommended that if your rabbit has not defecated for over six days you should take him to the vet immediately. This is a sign that your rabbit is ill and will need proper veterinary treatment. Make note of any other symptoms that your rabbit has been suffering with. If he has not been acting normally or if he has been eating less than usual, these are all bits of information that can help your vet make the right diagnosis of your rabbit’s problem. However, it is quite common that rabbits will continue to act normally even if they are suffering with digestive problems, so do not worry if you cannot give any further symptoms.

The most common problem found in rabbits is GI statis. The affects the speed in which food is digested by the rabbit and causes a mass build-up of food and hair in the stomach. Digestive problems in rabbits can be caused by stress. If you have moved house recently or your rabbit has undergone any major changes, these can have effects on its system. Other causes of digestion problems, such as GI statis, include a lack of proper exercise, hair ingested during grooming, a high fat low fibre diet, mobility problems, too many carbohydrates or a long-term use of antibiotics.

If you notice early signs of GI statis and have to wait to see a vet, there are a few treatments you can carry out. Try increasing the rabbit’s fibre intake by offering him a variety of fresh hays. Also increase fresh produce the rabbit eats; giving him wet vegetables will encourage water consumption. Keep your rabbit active by letting him run around the house for a few hours a day, the movement in the body will motivate the digestive system too. Decrease any pellets you might be feeding your rabbit to try and encourage him to eat more fibre-filled hay.
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Did the bunny that hadn't gone in 6 days ever poop? and did they go to vet for care. And did he ever end up pooping.
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Take him to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY!  A rabbit that has not defecated in 6 days is very ill and unless aggressive treatment is started will die.
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Either excavate yourself (not recommended!!!) or get it to the vet. ASAP because you're wasting time!
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Go to the vet fast cause he has constipation
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Look up gi stasis...not nice ...go to the vet fast...look up gi stasis when you come back...poor bunny!
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Well lets see you could wait around untill the poor thing dies( NOT RECOMMENDED!)  Or you could take it to the vet and see how you can help it. Oh did I mention take it ASAP. I mean immediately!  Meaning don't wast time!

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