My unneutered male bunny pees orange, and constantly pees on the shelf in his cage. I feel bad when I come home from work and his bum is so messy from sitting in it. Any suggestions on how to clean him? Baths barely work.Should I take the shelf out? I am just nervous for his safety and I am not sure if it is normal for him to do that every day...some people say yes some say no. Please help me and my beloved bun!


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Go to a GOOD VETERINARIAN  - they can clean your bunny up. Tell them about the urine, it could be an infection. Hope it helped!

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Do you feed your bunny lots of carrots? If so, that's why he's peeing orange. Bunnies will usually choose one area to "use the bathroom" I would suggest removing the shelf for a little while, let him get used to using the bathroom somewhere else, once he does, try putting the shelf back in!

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Jillian Roberts
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He always has used his litter box, but for a few months now he pees and poops on the shelf as well as his litter box. I clean off the shelf right when I notice, so I am not sure if he is re-marking it after I clean it or might have an infection that stops him from controlling the urination. I am nervous to go to a vet because my last bunny passed away a few days after I got him neutered so I am not sure if they know what they are doing with small animals. Should I find a small animal vet? I just don't want them to be too rough with him
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Well, bunnies have a difficult time with surgeries, they don't tolerate anesthesia well, and it often causes them to pass away. It might be him marking the area, but my bunnies would pee Orange when I gave them carrots. I never had mine inside, my bunnies were always outside!
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I honestly wouldn't worry about the colour of his pee, it varies from yellow to brown in rabbits depending on what they have been fed. As Angela said, carrots will likely turn it orange, or it could be excess iron being expelled.

The worrying thing is the fact that he is sitting in his pee, rabbits don't tend to do that. I would ask a vet to do a few tests. I don't know the age of your rabbit but I am wondering if he is incontinent. You do need to find out the cause before a proper solution can be worked out.

Meanwhile, place an absorbent towel on his shelf and wash it as soon as you see he has soiled it. It will be a bit of a pain I know, but at least he won't be sitting in his own mess which will make life more comfortable for him.

I hope the little guy is better soon.

By the way, I think you might like this video, it's so cute!

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