Why Do Tigers Love Water?


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Although most felines despise water, tigers are actually rather fond of it. The main theory behind this is that they enjoy taking a bath to cool themselves down.

Water loving tigers
If you live near a zoo, you might be able to see tigers enjoying a dip in the pool from time to time.

The large cats instinctively use water to cool themselves down, and even enjoy playing in the water!

Tigers in the wild tend to live in hot climates (countries like India and Indonesia). Because they have thick coats of fur, they often need to find ways of cooling down.

Napping in the shade of a large tree is something that tigers often do to chill out, but having a swim and enjoying the cool breeze is another way they achieve the same result.

Do tigers like swimming?
Yes, they do! Interestingly, even tigers that hail from colder climates (such as the Siberian tiger) are known to enjoy a paddle.

However, although tigers are great swimmers, they don't like getting water in their eyes. That's why you'll rarely see a tiger completely submerged in water (some tigers even walk into water backwards to avoid getting their eyes wet!).
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Tigers are really adapted to cooler climates such as Siberia. However, their range extends to southern portions of India. They like water in those areas because it cools them.
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Probably because they live in hot climates and getting wet helps them to keep cool. You can find this and other ideas at

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