I Have An Unidentified Biting Beatle Like Fle Tick. Cant Find What It Is Nor Have I Even Seen A Biting Bug Like It. Can You Help?!


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The six legs indicates that it is an insect most probably it is beetle. The information on the net are usually about the general species. It will be helpful if you you take one of the beetle to entomologist who can identify it. To remove them from your house, get your couch outside the room under the sun for few hours and also get pesticide spray.
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I had the same thing happen to me and it was very painful. It took over a month for it to heal completely and I still have a darkening of tissue about the size of a golf ball after 2 months. From what I can figure I believe that this was a Darkling Beetle. They would feed off decaying flesh among other things and probably mistook me for a meal. I did not send the beetle off for final verification because everytime I looked at the now dead beetle I got the creeps and dry heaves. The good news is they are not poisonous. Although I am a little confused why it found its way into my house and I saw 2 others since then that I took care of without altercation.

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