What Is Different Between The Loin And Tiger?


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The loin is the part of a human being or quadruped on each side of the spinal column between the hipbone and the false ribs.  The African lion, on the other hand, obviously lives in Africa, form groups called prides consisting of a family of females and their young and is usually protected and dominated (more or less) by 1-3 males. Although, sometimes prides go for periods where there is no male - when one dies and no others have stepped up to take its place, for instance, or the male(s) who do/does is/are rejected by the pride females. The lion weighs between 200-300 lbs if it is female and between 400-500 lbs if it is male. Lions look like this...
  The tiger lives in northeastern China, Korea, Russia, parts of India and the Himalayan region and weighs between 200-700 lbs. Depending on the species (as there are several) and sex (females are smaller). The largest males can reach 700 lbs. Or so. Tigers have a couple of obvious behavioral differences, too ...tigers like water (lions hate it, but will tolerate it if they have to) and tigers are solitary except for when they get together to breed or when they (females) are raising cubs. Tigers looks like this...
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Lions are larger on average in the wild then tigers and are overall the largest big cat in the world.

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