Are Dogs With Black Mouths Smarter?


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Do you really think that the dog's mouth color can actually tell how smart it is. No! These are some old tales. The dog can only be smart if it is taught to be smart. And yes believe me all dogs are smart and intelligent.
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Christie Maver answered
Color has nothing to do with intelligence. That's like saying people with freckles are smarter. But not all dogs are equally intelligent. Some breeds are smarter, and learn quicker than other breeds.
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patty reece answered
I also have been told if they were a really good breed of dog they will have black at the top of there mouths my baby shih tzdoes
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LD answered
  I have to follow amel's lead here excpet for the wives tale thng. I've never heard that before so I don't know. A dog can only be as smart as the person who spends time with it.

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