What Are Black Bugs Crawling In My Dog's Anus?


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The first thing you have to do is try and identify the bugs, it certainly sounds like flees but it is very important that you contact a vet to be sure.  Fleas can be nasty for the dogs as they don't just make them itch it can become very uncomfortable for the animal.

Here are a few facts on fleas:

  • Fleas are in situ all over the world
  • Over 200 different types in America
  • Fleas bite humans as well as pets
  • Dog fleas more common in Europe
  • Female flea can lay 50 eggs a day

The difficult battle is to actually stop the fleas.  Fleas can be discouraged from living on your pet in several ways, including flea collars and diffusers around the house.

Whichever method you choose you should be consistent as if you swap and change the medication the animal can become immune to its benefits.  If your animal lives in the house you will also have to treat the house and the Fleas can continue to live and breed in the home by living on humans.

  • The way you can treat a house

Sprays - these can be used directly onto the areas that you know the problem exists. They can be used on all soft furnishing as well as direct onto the floors.

Powder - You can sprinkle flea powders onto your carpets as well as any pet bedding.  The powders will stop the development of the pupae in the adults, this in turn will stop the life cycle of the flea.

Once you have applied your preparation of your choice you will need to keep vacuuming to start removing the fleas.  You will need to empty your vacuum bag and either burn it or wrap in a plastic bag before placing in your bin.

Don't forget if you have a serious infestation of the fleas on your dog it is very important that you take your dog to the vets as a matter of urgency to avoid any further discomfort on your animal.

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