If Man Evolved From Monkeys And Apes, Y Do We Still Have Monkeys And Apes?


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Not only do we still have monkeys and apes WHY DID HUMANS STOP EVOLVING?... Ill tell you why because its a load of Bs lol. It was made up by people trying to refute God and claim the spot as the most intelligent forces known to the universe and claim control of their own destiny...or had a prayer that they thought went unanswered and have no faith...the whole idea of evolution falls flat on its face for example how was the first cell created? How long did it live before it evolved the ability to split itself ...what made the first plant? What did the first cell feed on??...total Bs...God exists and he made EVERYTHING.
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Monkeys and apes will always be around
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A good question!...Theory of Evolution is not true...if it is true, when did it stop?...we still have monkeys and apes.
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They got off that "Nonstop flight" and are still a bit behind us. Give them time they're still evolving.
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Not all species of primates were part of mankind's evolutionary process.  The ones from which humans allegedly evolved, no longer exist, supposedly.

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