So if we really did evolve from apes...why are apes still roaming earth? 8)


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There are a few species of apes, including us: Chimps, bonobos, gorillas, humans and orangutans. They have all evolved in their own way.
The cool thing is that the early homosapien walked the earth with another species that walked on two legs but it is believed that the homosapiens killed them off. Weird huh? Imagine having two species alive right now. One more intelligent than the other and the other would be stronger.
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Animals all evolve at different speeds... Humans evolved faster than the other apes, and there is a theory that the ancestors of humanity chased the chimps ancestors back into the forest from the plains where humankind evolved.  Why  are there Indian and African elephants... African and Indian lions, Horses and zebras... All just took a slightly different evolutionary path.
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Because those apes will turn into humans in the future.
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Actually the theory of evolution doesn't fit at all, if we evolved over time then there would still be living apes evolving into humans and so on. Plus the name says it all-THEORY: Or an idea used to account for a situation.

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Just like some men that just refuse to grow up and mature so stay little boys forever
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Some poeple are just a little slow and who knows one of those Apes could be your long lost Uncle on your Moms side so ask your Mom is she ever had an uncle that she never met
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Evolution is not as you construe, your family tree is not a straight line and neither is the familial lines between primates and humans.  This image gives a fairly good intuition on how it works:Basically we share an ancestor with the great apes, you can think of them as cousins or siblings with a common "parent", they evolved to deal with the changes of their environment in a different way than the sapient line (our line) did.  We still find extinct leftovers from the early sapients, the Neanderthals being a common example, they died out likely because they were poorly suited to the Earth's environment post ice age.

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