When My Dogs Got Stuck Together Does This Mean She Having Puppies?


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Christine NZ answered
When dogs "tie" it's part of their mating.  They're not having babies. They're trying to make babies!   It doesnt mean she will have puppies and it doesnt mean she wont, but the possibility is definitely there.  Time will tell!
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KR- myopinions answered
That means it is more likely than not that she will become pregnant unless there is an issue with one or both of the dogs that tied. If it is too high risk or a big mistake you can speak to your vet about something called the mismate shot and it's risk (pyometra usually needing spay) if it's soon enough or a spay and termination never to worry about it again (and a much longer lifespan and fewer deadly problems for her). If you intend to continue with the pregnancy you need to call your veterinarian and set up your first prenatal care appointment which is confirmation done by a quick blood test or ultrasound (which can also spot uterine infection instead of pup) and go from there. Good luck.

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