Ok so I'm Puppysitting my MILs new puppy during days. (don't know why she even got the dog if she isn't able to take care of it) but this dog screams when left anywhere alone for a few minutes?


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This dog is experiencing separation anxiety. It can errupt for a number of reasons.  You might want to encourage the owner of this dog to  talk to someone who is experienced in animal behaviors (or do the research)  in order to provide for the needs of this dog properly .. Until that happens, this will not get better anytime soon.

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To further explain I have my way of training a dog but I don't see the point in me training the dog if it's just going to be undone when the dog is taken home that evening. This puppy has no training by my MIL and I'm not one to let a dog suffer but it just seems like a list cause especially when it taking sleep away from me and my husband. I try kenneling her but she literally sounds like she is being tortured the way she screams especially at night. I have even given her a bigger space and made it a positive environment but she either climbs out or sits there and screams LOUD. I don't know what to do this dog has literally no one else to watch her.

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You need a new mother in law! I remember your previous question. :0(

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Lol if only it were that easy.
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I am so sorry. :0(
Sometimes I feel lucky my husband don't want to have much to do with his own mom. She was never a mom so my mom became his mom. I never minded sharing my mom. :0)
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I understand. My mother passed from cancer almost 12 years ago. I'm sure if she was here though it wouldn't be pretty

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