Does A Female Ginni Pig Get Period Or Not? Do They Need Vaccination? Do They Transmit Disease To Humans?


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Guinea pigs have a reproductive cycle in 16-17 days over average though it can be 13-21 days.  Guinea pigs do not experience a bloody vaginal discharge with estrus (heat).  Bloody vaginal discharge in guinea pigs is most often a sign of an ovarian or uterine tumor, uterine infection, or a bladder stone.
In the states I have practiced in here in the United States guinea pigs are not required to have vaccinations.  I would check with your local veterinarian about the laws near you.
Guinea pigs can get ectoparasites (skin parasites)-like ringworm, fleas, ticks, and mites which can be transmitted to humans.  Look for signs of hair loss, flaky skin, itching, or scabbing. 
Since this is your first guinea pig I recommend having it examined by a veterinarian who can assess her health and discuss appropriate husbandry.  Poor husbandry--home care, food, supplements needed, etc--is the most common cause of problems in the exotics.  Also getting a good book about guinea pigs and their care would be a great idea!
Have fun with your new friend!

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