What Do You Do When Puppies Are Being Born?


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If your mom dog is a first timer then watch her with caution.when they are being born make sure she pulls the puppies all the way out then cleans them off.she must do the following:
   1,push the puppy out
  2,pull puppie out clean off and lick clean
   3,eat the sack and umbilicacord
   4,if they do not breath take a warm DRY towel and rub its stomach and dry it off
  5,if that doesnt work put the puppy write up in her face and make her clean it off
   6,if they still don't breath then it might of died::(
   7if she doesnt eat the umbiliacor then take it and 1" above the cord wrap floss tight around it and got it off at the top of the floss
   8,after the first few puppies she will know what to do and let her do what she needs to do unless the puppies don't make a sound.

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