What Do Ball Pythons Teeth Look Like?


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Actually this is only partially correct.

This is an Indian Rock Python. It was caught under an electrified fence and this was how it died.

Pythons and Boa constrictors have 6 rows of teeth. Two on top, two on bottom, and two rows in between the top two layers. The top and bottom teeth that line the jaw act as anchors to pierce, grab, and hold onto the prey item so the snake can constrict it before eating it. The middle rows of teeth are movable, and pull the snakes prey further into the animals throat.
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The pic below is not a Ball python, it is a Burmese, I think. However, for an illustration, this will do because their teeth are the same except for the size of the snake (and therefore its teeth). 
They have 4 rows in the top of their mouth and two in the bottom. All these teeth are needle sharp and relatively thin (as compared to mammalian teeth). They are angled toward the back for a good grip and to help them move their prey inward toward their throat for better swallowing.  Don't ask me how the snake ended up this way. I'm not even sure I want to know. I dare say, he wasn't trained to do this.

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