How do you keep Flower shrimp's Alive and Healthy? 


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Assuming you're referring to the bamboo shrimp, it might be a little tough. Most are wild caught, so even if you do a perfectly good job they can die. The basics are to have a cycled freshwater tank that meets minimum size and temperature requirements. They're filter feeders, so if you can't get a good micro food, try giving them ground up fish flakes or algae tablets

Ph/Temp requirements are:

pH: Around 7.0 – 7.5
Hard-Soft: Aquarium Water on the hard side.
Lighting: Normal tropical community tank lighting.

If you see your shrimp picking at the substrate, it's probably very hungry, so make sure it has sufficient food

Oh, and to acclimate them, try the drip method. Here's a tutorial:

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