Why Do Cats Eat Rats?


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Why do cats eat rats?

Cats hunt and eat rats and other rodents because of their heritage.

The domestic cat is a descendent of cats such as the wildcat - found throughout Africa, Europe and some parts of Asia. These animals actively hunt small rodents and birds to survive.

In fact, the wildcat was first domesticated for this reason. People began to keep these animals in order to protect their agriculture and harvests from grain-eating pests such as rats.

It's a part of a domestic cat's genetic make-up that they hunt small rodents such as rats.

  • Cats generally use two hunting strategies in order to catch their prey.
  • They actively stalk their prey, which is normally what they are doing when they are chasing and trying to catch birds.
  • Their other strategy is to ambush their prey. Normally, they use this method when they're lying in wait outside a burrow, or when they are simply waiting for the unknowing victim to come closer to them.

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