What Do We Call A Male Tiger, A Female Tiger And A Baby Tiger?


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A male tiger is called a tiger.  A female tiger is called a tigress, and a baby is called a cub.
Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They can grow to over three metres in length and can weigh up to three-hundred and six kilos.

Tiger Facts
  • A group of tigers is called an 'ambush' or a 'streak'.
  • Tigers are good swimmers.
  • Tigers can jump over five metres in length.
  • There are more tigers kept privately as pets, than there are in the wild.
  • Many sub-species of tigers are already extinct or endangered.
  • Around half of tiger cubs don't live beyond the age of two.
Tigers are among the world's most recognisable and popular large cats, and are the third-largest carnivore, behind the polar bear and brown bear.

They have muscular bodies, and have dark stripes on reddish fur. The pattern is unique to each tiger, just like a fingerprint.
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The male (♂) is the tiger. The female (♀) is the tigress, and the baby is the cub.

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