How Do Four Legged Animals Walk And Run?


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Our arms are mostly shorter than our legs that, and our spine is too long plus we have to be bendable/ flexible to last all day like a gorilla, like I am being mean to the worlds famous gorilla, I am just saying it is impossible for most humans!
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Because they would fall over with just three! Boom, boom! No seriously, four legged animals, or quadrupeds as they are also known, use four legs rather than two for speed and it is much easier to maintain a level of overall balance on four legs. Originally humans used four legs to walk on and we still do before we learn to walk as babies and it is still natural for us to walk on all fours. However, during evolution we adopted walking on two-legs to enable us to appear more superior to other animals.

If humans continued to walk on four legs, because we have such long spines and upper bodies, the gravitational pull on us would slow us down. Although it is still possible for humans to walk on four legs like our furry friends, our culture and social environment prevents us from doing so. Imagine walking into the bank on four legs ~ you'd never be able to reach the cashier!

Animal's social environment doesn't dictate that they should stand on two legs, so they continue to use all four legs. For many animals this means that they can get lower to the ground and hide from predators.
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What animal puts back paw in the same place he puts front paw when walking
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Actually there are two four legged animals that walk with a stride, all other four legged animals walk with a gait.
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Well its simple, all two leg animals take time to walk and run like human babies take a few years to attend a walk because they need to first balance themselves before walk. All four legged animals took few hour to stand and walk. In our daily life most static things a fiur legged like chair table etc. 

Most four legged animals have elongated body, and powerful rare legs, during a run, a strang rare leg push let body to fall on front legs at a noticeable distance and the animal then compress its body and bring rare legs near front legs and in this way they run fast.

In two legged animals, the maximum amplitude of the leges is far less than that 4 legged amplitude between front and rare legs.

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