Why Do Most Animals Have Four Legs Whilst Humans Have Just Two Legs?


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No, people did not come from chimpanzees!

Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives and it is very likely that we share a common ancestor in the not too distant past, but that ancestor was neither a human being nor a chimpanzee, but something different to both of them. The evolutionary pressures which meant that some of those ancestors' descendants became chimps while others became us are too long ago for us ever to know precisely what they were. (Not that that will stop a steady supply of theories on the subject!)

Unfortunately the signs are that the chimpanzee is much more likely to become extinct rather than evolve. If they end up being kept in zoos rather than developing naturally in the wild, it is likley that we will have stopped any sort of "progress" which they might, one day, have made.
Because animals do not have hands... ha ha ha

Let's be serious. It's due to adaptations, rather evolution.. along with the passage of time and increased need of the hands, man has transformed from chimpanzee to Homo Sapiens and converted his two legs into hands...in short it is an art of nature.
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Thanks for your answer. so you believe that people came from chimpanzee? will chimpanzee today will become human one day?
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evolution is a continous process, chimpanzee today could never be humans, as evolution is a very very slow process, but there forthcoming generations might be humans.....
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That is what separates humans from animals, animals have 4 legs and people have 2.....the best to you
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Its because God created them the way they are!

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