Does A 'Miniature Bull Terrier' Look Like A Small 'English Bull Terrier'?


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The English Bull terrier comes in two sizes, the miniature and the standard! A Standard English Bull Terrier is anywhere between 20 and 24 inches (51-61 cm.) and weighs a whopping 45 to 80 pounds. (20-36 kg.) The Miniature Bull Terrier however is just 10 to14 inches (25-33 cm) and weighs approximately 24 to 33 pounds (11-15 kg). Miniature Bull Terriers appear to be almost square in shape.

Apart from the difference in size they are identical both in looks and in behavior. The miniature English Bull Terrier is strongly built and almost perfectly symmetrical. They are very active and have the most keen, intelligent and determined gazed (that seems to intensify when they are in a mischievous mood!). They have fiery spirits and are lively little dogs of a very even temperament and are a lot easier to train as compared to English Bull Terriers.

The Miniature Bull Terrier is very strong for its size but is easier to handle as compared to the Standard Bull terrier.

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