MY Cat Is Struggling To Breath...can You Help?


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Deemarcas Day answered
Glad to hear she's on her way to the vet, cause I doubt it is just a stuck hairball.  Those she would have puked them up and you'd find a gross gunk of hair somewhere.  Sounds more serious than a hairball.  You didn't mention her age. Hope the vet trip heals it. 
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I agree.. Sounds like she has something caught, or esophageal swelling... But I'm not sure it's a hairball.  You said she "doesn't want to move"... If she's sitting with her chin point pointed up, than she's having serious (life threatening) trouble breathing, and you  need to get her to an emergency vet (preferably hospital) tonight... It may not be able to wait until tomorrow.
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Please make sure she gets to the vet fist thing because she sound to be really suffering if it is a hairball she is having big trouble on getting it out I'm sure the vet will know best here good luck

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