How To Treat A Dog That Fell Into A Cold Pool?


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To help a dog that's fallen into a cold pool, I'd recommend drying it off with a towel and providing it with warmth and comfort.

My dog fell in the pool and is cold
Taking a plunge in icy waters is no fun.

In fact, it can be plain dangerous to your canine companion. If your dog has dived into a chilly pool, the best thing to do is to to dry him off and then wrap him up well.

Try wrapping him up with warm blankets, focusing on his torso. This will prevent further heat loss.

You may also want to use heating pads - although I'd make sure your dog is dry first! Also watch out that he doesn't get burnt from whatever heat source you're using.

If your dog is still shivering, then more extreme action may be required. A warm enema and an warm IV drip can be used to help a dog recover from hypothermia. In severe cases, an oxygen mask may also be needed.

Hope that helps!
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Rachel Way answered
Wrap a warm (even electric) blanket around it. Hot water bottles, baby booties on paws, lie dog down in its bed inside. For extra safety precautions, you can get a check up from your local vet.

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