How To Treat A Cut On Dogs Tongue?


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Depends on how severe the cut is. Rinse well with an antiseptic solution and keep the pup licking up ice chips; but cuts less than an inch long don't have enough flesh to consider stitches. Hopefully it'll heal without getting infected.
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The cut needs time to clot.  The dogs clotting process will stop when he cools down.  Watch the cut & if it bleeds for more that 1/2 hour you need to take it to the vet.  The vet, depending on the size of the cut, will either cauterize with a laser to stop the bleeding or determine if stitches are needed.  If stitches are needed the dog will need to go under for sutures.
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If it is deep and long, take it to the vet. If it is shallow like a paper cut, its own saliva will heal it.

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