My 7 Year Old Corn Snake Just Laid An Egg, It Has Never Mated With Another Snake. What Do I Do With The Egg And Could It Be Fertile?


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Actually, by far, most reptiles do reproduce sexually, but an asexual form of reproduction has been seen to occur naturally in certain species of whiptails, geckos, rock lizards and komodo dragons, and a few snakes (not corn snakes)... But it's very rare. The offspring produced by parthenogenesis are almost always female... And are in essence little clones of their mother.
Many birds and reptiles will lay eggs whether or not they are fertile... She'll more than likely lay more... When she's done you can simply remove the eggs and dispose of them however you see fit.
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Put it in a incubate and see what happens from there
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In all reptiles including snakes there is no asexual reproduction. They always breed by sexual reproduction with cross fertilization. The egg is not fertilized. The wasting of egg can make the snake disturb, he will realize himself after few days, then you can destroy it.
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Wow man you should take the snake and the egg to a local animal place. Maybe petco or some place like that. I have never herd of a snake producing one egg and especially without a mate.

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