How Much Does An Elephant Weight?


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The average weight of an elephant is around 12,000 kilograms. Originally called the Elephantidae they are from the pachyderm family. They come under the class Mammalia.

There are three types of Elephantidae species currently on planet earth. They are African Bush Elephant, African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant. The other species have died out since the last ice age which was about 10,000 years ago. Elephants are the biggest living mammals on land alive today. At birth an elephant calf weights around 120 kilograms. They generally live for seventy years or more.

The elephant population has been decreasing regularly from the past few decades, mainly because of poaching. In 1970 there were around 1.3 million African elephants but were reduced to 60,000 in 1989. They have now been declared as protected species throughout the world and restrictions have been put on their capture and hunting.
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The weights of Elephants vary according to individual specie and their sex. Asiatic male elephants have an average weight of 12,000 lbs. Whereas female Asiatic elephants weight around 6,000 lbs. On the other hand an African forest elephant weights on average 6,000-13,000 lbs.
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African bush elephant - 3600 to 6000 kg; avg. 4540 kg
(7920 to 13200 lbs; avg. 9988 lbs)

Asiatic elephant
3000 to 5000 kg
(6600 to 11000 lbs)

African forest elephant
2700 to 6000 kg
(5940 to 13200 lbs)

Males of all three species are larger than the females
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The weight of elephants vary according to species. Like African elephants are larger in size and have broader ears. Male can weight 7000 kg (15,400 lb) and female can have 3600 kg (7900 lb). On the other hand Asiatic elephants can weight as follows;

Male around 4 tons
Female Less than 3.5 tons.

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