What Are Elephant Parts Used For?


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The elephant has a proboscis, which is commonly known as trunk. The trunk of an elephant is basically a combination of the nose and the upper lip. It uses its trunk to tear the grass or plant materials (which comprises its main diet) and then to eat it.

Elephants uses their tusks to dig for water, salt and roots and to debark a tree and then to eat the bark of the tree. The tusks of an elephant are an extension of its second set of its upper incisors. Apart from the two tusks, elephants have 26 teeth (they have 28 teeth in all), which include the milk precursors, the 12 pre-molars and the 12 molars.

The skin of an elephant is thick and tough. An elephant is a pachyderm, which basically means an animal which has a thick skin. It has strong pillar-like feet to support its enormous size and large ears that flap and regulate the temperature.

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