What Does An African Elephant Look Like?


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An endangered species
The African elephant males are 10 ft. In height from foot to shoulder. The females are slightly smaller. Males weigh 6 tons; females weigh 4 tons. They can get to be 25 ft. In length with a tail length of 3-4 ft. The ears are large and shaped somewhat like Africa. They cover the shoulder and can reach a height of 5 ft. Their skin is grey and is loose and wrinkly with less hair on it than the Asian elephant. The trunk is used for breathing and ends in two fleshy lobes. The back dips. Their tallest point is the shoulder. The forehead curves smoothly. The front feet have 4-5 toes and the back feet have 3 toes. African elephants have four functional teeth each 12 inches long. They can be replaced 6 times. After the sixth time they will not grow back and the elephant will die, which is usually around the age of 55-70. Both males and females have tusks that are actually elongated incisors and never stop growing. The largest tusk ever recorded was 10 ft. Long and weighed 230 pounds.

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