Why Are Cougars Endangered?


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The cougar has reaches 29 subspecies, is different based on theirs distributed
area and build difference. Some subspecies' cougar seriously was already in
imminent danger “the Florida subspecies”, also calls Florida the leopard.
Because they have a body dark color very rare superficial knowledge. Rears in a
pen quantity to have 75 heads, wild about 500 heads, moreover is unstable. They
biggest threat from the water source pollution, the automobile which and the
molecular genetic on the road speeds along lacks the multiplicity. In addition
the eastern cougar and the Costa Rica cougar is also in imminent danger. In
history, because cougar's motion is surreptitious, enables the people to harbor
the curiosity which to these large-scale cat branch animal the deep fear, the
awe and satisfy with difficulty, gives it Shan Shi, the red tiger, the silver
lion, the purple leopard, even prints the peaceful devil, the cat king and so on
innumerable alias. But now, it actually fell into the region which is utterly
isolated, the people with the gun, the toxicant, the trap as well as each modern
method hunt for it, to kill poke it, is only to obtain its fur. The survival
gets down the cougar already flinched to the plateau mountainous area region, is
living tenaciously, continues to display is maintaining the ecological
equilibrium the function. Although its claw does not suit in the snowy area
activity, but it must continue to seek to is not disturbed, the unvisited safety

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