If Male Cows And Moose Are Called Bulls, Then Why Is A Female Cow A Heifer, And A Female Moose A Cow?


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Perhaps they just change places, you think, because I don't know......SMILE and right now I feel like being silly....
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Cow/moose milking, ummm, don't see that one happening, lol ^_^
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Did you know they milk camels for a food source.one man is trying to adapt the camel as a herd animal and make camel milk ice cream,cheese,butter.
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In the first place, there are no such things as Male COWS, they are Bulls or Steers or just Cattle. Cows give milk. A young cow is called a Heifer until they are bred ten they are just Cows. We don't breed or milk female Moose, Well MOST of us don't anyway. Don't know about those Canadians though.
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Hey, men named the animals, what more could you expect. They weren't that educated back then. Or now.
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Just that lovable nonsense of the Government.
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Since you girls don't seem to know, I guess the men will have to educate you - again. A female cow is only a heifer until the bull takes an interest in her and she drops her first calf, then she becomes a cow.
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Because, on that late and lonely night, when the ingenious linguist named them, he couldn't remember the phrase.. Here kitty, here kittty? Maybe a case of trans-gender ahead ot its time..LOL

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