What Does A Cow Eat?


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Cows eat grass
sweet feed
and I even had a cow that liked choc.
They also LOVE cigarettes
so pretty much anything except chicken feed (((( it will kill them )))
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DAiry cows eat a variety of things.   While the are out in the pasture they will eat gras,apples,and hay left out for them.  While they are in the barn they get silage, a corn based grain. And more hay.  Cows depend on a really good diet to keep them healthy and producing milk.
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In the bigger dairy barns, feeding hay and grains isn't as efficient. Lots of dairy cows eat "silage", which is made from a crop like barley, corn or even potatoes! What the farmer will do is cut the crop when it isn't quite ripe. Then it gets chopped up into little pieces, and put in a big pile. They leave it all summer, and the pile ferments. This breaks down the fibres in the feed, and makes it easily digestible and really palatable (yummy) for the cows. It also packs a big punch of nutrition. This way, the cow is really healthy and will produce a lot of milk.

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It eats just like an ordinary cow.... Which is grass and drinks water
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Hopefully all natural oats,grains and grasses..don't need no more mad cows...
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A cow eats grass, hay apples  corn and other fruits and vegetables
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My dairy cow eats:
cellophane wrappers if he gets a hold of one
cracked corn
apples sliced up
alfalfa(I'm not sure is they're supposed to?)
cooked/raw oatmeal
and that's pretty much what my cow eats. Not sure what other cows eat.
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They will eat anything but do not feed them chicken feed or soybean that has not been ground it can cause gas and kill the cow.
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I think cows only eat grass I never herd a cow eat something  else because Cows have a diet.
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I have heard that cows should not eat apples...TRUE ? What fruits and vegetables are ok for them to eat ?

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